Bamboo Git Plugin

2009-11-05: I am no longer the maintainer of this plugin. The current maintainer is Kristian Rosenvold. This page will not be updated anymore, go to bgit’s new home page for updates.

This plugin brings Git support to the excellent Atlassian Bamboo continous integration server.


File Compatible with Bamboo Release date Notes
git-plugin-1.1.3.jar 2.2/2.3/2.4 2009/10/12 several fixes (big thanks to Kristian Rosenvold). Read full ChangeLog for 1.1.3
git-plugin-1.1.1.jar 2.2.x 2009/04/25 git submodules will be inited and updated after initial clone and each successive merge.
git-plugin-1.1.jar 2.2.x 2009/04/02
git-plugin-1.0.jar 2.1.x 2009/04/01 Same as 20090218
git-plugin-20090218.jar 2.1.x 2009/02/18


  1. Copy to $BAMBOO_INSTALL_DIR/webapp/WEB-INF/lib
  2. Restart Bamboo

Now when you create or edit plans you will be able to select “Git” as the repository provider.

Right now the plugin is very rough and has very few options but it works.

I have only fixed some build issues that I found but all the work was done by Don. Thank you Don.

GitHub repository


git clone git:// bgit
cd bgit
git checkout
mvn install
# the generated .jar will be inside "target" folder.

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